Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? Whether large or small HomeSolutions NJ design team pay attention to the details and budget through comprehensive planning, open communication and thorough site evaluation.

A Bathroom plays an important role in daily living and can significantly affect your quality of life for better or worse this is why your bathroom experience ought to be one of ease, convenience and satisfaction particularly because your walking moments often begin and end in this room. A good bathroom blends in beauty and practicality, offering an orderly arrangement of furnishing and fixture. 

Our design team can help bring your personal vision to life. We can create the bathroom of your dreams (on time and on budget). At HomeSolutions we've simplified bathroom remodels to three type's of remodeling levels:

Level 1: Cosmetic Bath

This is to replace visible surfaces and maintaining the existing layout "as-is".

Level 2: Pull and Replace Bath

This includes replacing everything in your existing bathroom but keeping the same layout.

Level 3: Custom Bath

This is us replacing everything and redesigning your space.


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