Week of the August 19-24

We've been pretty busy this summer and last week was no exception our biggest project last week was a basement remodel in West Orange (on Harriet St)  we demo'ed , sheet-rocked, hung ceiling panels, changed doors, trimmed it out and painted we estimate it should take us two in half weeks to completed and as of today we are on track to finish on time or before.  Here is a small sample of what we have done:

We are also still working on our Hasbrouck Heights project lots to do there tiling, trimming, hanging cabinets, painting etc... and we also worked on a few paint jobs we painted a few rooms in Barnardsville, Basking Ridge and in Westfield.

Our bathroom project in Jefferson in on hold we are waiting for the homeowners to come back from vacation.   

Week of 8/12-8/15/13

Well another week as come and gone it feels like the summer is flying by us and we are not really getting a chance to enjoy because we are mainly working indoors (not complaining ;-)

So I thought I could write these Blogs daily but it becomes hard when I only have a small window of time to write proposal, break-down drawings write take-offs, responded to emails, help design living spaces and be hands-on on the job (again not complaining!) My goal with these Blogs is to keep everyone interested in our company and our services informed on what we are doing and how to go about completing our jobs. So my point is that weather it daily or weekly I will post what we are doing.

This week we started a bathroom, completed a floor in a apt in the Doric building in union city and completed a roof in Fairview. 

The floor is a floating floor real easy to install just click them together and thats it the hard part is cutting and ripping them down to size ( well really it's not hard for us but you know what I mean). Once the floor is laid down we add shoe molding  to the base molding and there you go a beautiful floor well finished (now I can tell by looking at the pictures that we did not paint the old molding because we are looking to go back and paint the entire apt soon) The floor look great and match very nice with the existing tile floor in the kitchen.






The roof in fairview was an easy one for us it was an overlay about 25 sq's it took us all day to complete, we used GAF Lifetime shingles 

Someone asked me this week how we complete a bathroom and I told him we typically a bathroom project goes as fallowed; we demo, we frame what needs framing then the electrician and plumber come in and do there thing, depending on it complexity they should be done 2-5 days , then rough inspections from your town. Once we pass we continue by sheet-rocking/ Du-rocking the walls, installing tiles, installing vanities , installing fixtures etc... until we finish! Plumber and electrician have to come back to help with the finishes, generally a bathroom takes us from the first inspection about 7-14 working days to complete. 

Todays events 8/12/13

Starting new bathroom in Jefferson, the scope of work is to expand the bathroom by removing the two closets and by taking some of the hallway space, here are some pictures showing the before, during and after: 

This is only the first day we are done for now next up are the electrician Matt from  Leonard Electrical 973-625-7635 and the plumber Dave from Rapid River 973-885-5836 > Call them! there great- honest & reliable what more can you ask? 

Todays events 8/9/13

Welcome everyone, so we completed yesterdays job for the Rydell's, here's the end results some pretty nice colors selected and a great paint job by us 8-) . 

 (paint still wet on the green one but trust me it looked great when it dried!)

For today we have to go to the Saadi job in Randolph to finish painting the two bathrooms we skim coated, will post pictures later today also back to Hasbrouck Heights to install some vanities, install some trimming and paint.

No Gutter cleaning this today sorry Groupon'ers---  it's raining  

Todays events 8/8/13

Panting, tiling and looking for more opportunities--work (like as always!!)  

Today we focusing on a few things first up is Mrs. Rydell bathroom's in Wayne we're removing wall paper and painting with Benjamin Moore Kitchen & bath paint, we've already painted her kitchen, dining room/ family room and her daughters room here's some photo's


Second we're working on Santo's Bathroom in Hasbrook Heights its a new house we pretty much did all the interior work minus the sheetrock but today we are finishing up the master bath tiling, then will grout it 

Finally we need to skim the walls of two bathrooms for the Saadi's in Randolph, we painted their entire house last week but the kitchen and all the bathrooms had wallpaper :-O ( yes the bathrooms had wallpaper), basically we had to remove (BTW use steamers to remove wallpaper) then skim the walls with compound, sand it smooth apply primer then two coats of paint. So in this job we're at the point  where have to skim the walls so that's what we are doing today--tomorrow we paint & I'll post pictures of everything we do today

Talk to you soon