Todays events 8/8/13

Panting, tiling and looking for more opportunities--work (like as always!!)  

Today we focusing on a few things first up is Mrs. Rydell bathroom's in Wayne we're removing wall paper and painting with Benjamin Moore Kitchen & bath paint, we've already painted her kitchen, dining room/ family room and her daughters room here's some photo's


Second we're working on Santo's Bathroom in Hasbrook Heights its a new house we pretty much did all the interior work minus the sheetrock but today we are finishing up the master bath tiling, then will grout it 

Finally we need to skim the walls of two bathrooms for the Saadi's in Randolph, we painted their entire house last week but the kitchen and all the bathrooms had wallpaper :-O ( yes the bathrooms had wallpaper), basically we had to remove (BTW use steamers to remove wallpaper) then skim the walls with compound, sand it smooth apply primer then two coats of paint. So in this job we're at the point  where have to skim the walls so that's what we are doing today--tomorrow we paint & I'll post pictures of everything we do today

Talk to you soon