Vinyl Siding


You’ll never have to paint your house again. Vinyl siding is the most popular siding in America because of its durability and low maintenance

A quick tip - pay attention to the thickness of the panels - the performance and look you expect will depend on the thickness you get. We install a great line of siding products and styles.

Let us show you all the options by showing you how to combine the different materials and colors.


Design tip:  Many manufacturers offer extra long panels to reduce the appearance of seams.  Using these panelswill help to create a seamless wall.



Fiber-cement is one of our favorites, it’s made from a mixture of wood fiber, cement and sand that is poured out into a mold and dried. The result is a hard, durable board that is resistant to shrinking, warping, insect attack and fire. This is the truest wood looking product available. It’s a bit more expensive than vinyl but is tailored to the customer that does not want plastic or metal covering their house. This is also an earth friendly product.



A classic material that should last a century, with practically no maintenance. The basic proportions of all types of bricks are similar, but there are slight variations in size and texture (depending on the manufacture). Most styles are offered in dozen of colors. Brick can range from soft pastel yellows and pinks to wine red and dark grays. Composed in a wall, brick can be arranged in numerous patterns to vary texture, create interesting shadow lines and place emphasis on different part of the building.  Brick won’t rot, burn or fade and provides excellent sound thermal insulation.

Stone Veneers


 Another favorite of ours, can be used to cover the entire facade or be use as an accessory. Stone veneers, also called synthetic stone, is one of the most successful innovations in building materials. It offers many of the benefits of real stone, such as goof looks and durability and eliminates several drawbacks, such as ponderous weight and initial cost of natural material. Keep in mind that this is a true masonry product, which is the key to its success. It’s made of lightweight natural aggregates, colored with iron oxide pigments. The individual pieces are cast in molds made of real stones so that the size, shape, and texture of the final product are realistic as possible. Even up close, it’s hard to tell real stone to manufacture stone. There is a wide variety of stone styles and colors to choose from. 

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