Stock Cabinetry - Available in standard sizes in 3” wide increments and 6” height increments. Although it is the least expensive type of cabinetry the quality is good and the lead time to order is short. It’s a good choice for homeowners in a tight budget 

Semi-Custom Cabinetry - These cabinets achieve the best balance between both choices and affordability. Semi-custom lines offer a wide range of options, including wood species, finishes, hardware and drawer construction. 

Custom Cabinetry - Made to meet any need or desire you may have. Cabinet sizes, shapes, finishes, and features are unlimited.

Frameless cabinets do not have a front frame.  The doors are on this cabinet are attached directly to the sides of the cabinets offering a bit more space.

Framed cabinets are the traditional way of manufacturing cabinet boxes.  It has a front frame around the cabinet opening with the door attached to the opening.


Design tip: Thinking about re-facing?  Keep in mind that 70% of a cabinet’s price are the doors. With the large variety of cabinets out on the market, you should be able to find cabinets that fit within your budget. 

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