Doors and Drawers

The way doors and drawers are fitted to a cabinet affect the overall cost and style of the cabinetry. Options include:

Full Inset -sits within the face frame and is flush with the front edges of cabinet box. Looks well in s country style kitchen

Partial Overlay- referred to as traditional overlay.  The door and drawer fronts are mounted so they rest against the face frame with an overlap of up to 3/4 inch to reveal some of the frame.

Full Overlay- the doors and drawers are mounted to completely cover the face frame, with a 1/8 inch gap between doors. This is the cleanest look available for contemporary style kitchens.


Cabinet Material

Plywood- is a layering of wood, made up of sheets of wood veneers called plies, and bonded under pressure with glue to form a very strong panel. 

Particleboard- made from wood flakes, chips, sawdust and formed into layers held together by resin and heated under pressure. 


HomeSolutions fact: There is no hard fast design rule that exists to determine when to use either type of cabinet construction.  In general, frameless cabinets are used in a contemporary design and faced-framed cabinets are used in a traditional design.

HomeSolutions Add-on:  Consider installing radiant heat beneath your new flooring.  These systems warm floors which help to radiate heat evenly into rooms.


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