Windows & Doors


Windows and (exterior) doors have the power to transform a house. New windows and doors can update the appearance of your home or change its style completely. Windows and doors keep out the elements while letting in light, views, and people. Along with exterior moldings, they can animate a home’s façade, giving it personality and expression. 


 Windows: According to the US Department of Energy “About 15 percent of the average home’s walls space is made up of windows. If those windows are old, loose and leaky, they can account for 25 percent of a home’s energy usage, It’s no wonder replacing old, drafty windows is a popular home improvement project.” So choosing the right window is important, let us be your solutions to finding the right window option we installs all kind of windows from double-hung to bay or bow windows, skylights included. They can be custom designed or standard sizes; they can be wood or vinyl.


HomeSolutions food for thought: A top-quality operable window costs far more than an economical-grade window, but both cost the same to install. The top-quality window will provide a better energy efficiency that can lower heating and cooling costs and make the inside of your home more comfortable, you need to decide if it’s worth the up-front cost.  


Doors:  While often taken for granted, every door in your home serves both practical and aesthetic roles. The entry door in addition to its obvious functions, often make and opening statement about your home. Doors have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond, subtly setting the stage for what’s inside. Entry doors are now more secure, more energy efficient, more durable, and more attractive than ever before and we install any type of door including patio, storm doors, we also handle any type of material from wood to steel.               

HomeSolutions recommendation; Threrma-Thu doors offer a beautiful, durable solution. Their doors feature a AccuGrain Technology which make the door look and feel like real wood best of all it won’t ever crack, swell or rot like wood.


When your home needs new windows, doors or exterior detail let us be your solution to help evaluate your options. Contact us or call us at 973.862.7436